Interfaith Council

We bridge the gaps between diverse faith communities. Our goal is to foster mutual understanding, respect, and collaboration among different religious traditions, celebrating our shared values and the rich diversity of our global community.

An Interfaith Council was established to promote dialogue, understanding, and cooperation among various faith groups. Rooted in the principles of peace and mutual respect, the council organizes events, educational programs, and community service initiatives, bringing together people from different religious backgrounds to work towards common goals.

Educational Resources:

Comparative Religion Articles: Informative articles that compare and contrast the beliefs, practices, and histories of different religious traditions.

Online Lecture Series: Video lectures from scholars or religious leaders discussing various aspects of their faiths, interfaith relations, and contemporary religious issues.

Interactive Religious Timelines: Digital timelines showing major events and figures in the history of different religions.

Religious Text Excerpts with Commentary: Selections from sacred texts of various faiths, accompanied by expert commentary and analysis.

Faith-Based Community Development Case Studies: Documented examples of successful interfaith community projects and initiatives.

Multimedia Educational Kits: Educational packages that include videos, discussion questions, and activities for different age groups, focusing on interfaith understanding.

Podcast on Interfaith Topics: A series of podcast episodes featuring interviews with religious leaders, academics, and community activists discussing interfaith topics.

Resource Library for Interfaith Education: A curated list of books, documentaries, and websites for those interested in learning more about different religions.

Virtual Tours of Religious Sites: Interactive online tours of significant religious sites from around the world, explaining their historical and spiritual significance.

FAQs on Religions: A section answering common questions about different faiths, addressing misconceptions, and providing basic information about beliefs and practices.

Upcoming Events:

Interfaith Dialog (Series): Ep 4

Past Events:

Cultural Exchange Festival

Joint Religious Celebration

Religious FAQs