Welcome! You may hear a lot of new phrases so get used to them. Practice these so you will be more comfortable. Don’t say the wrong thing.

Everyday Language

BismillahIn the name of GodBefore starting any task
AlhamdulilahAll praise is due to GodTo express gratitude
Yarhamuk AllahMay God have mercy on youWhen somebody sneezes
Assalamu AlaikumPeace be upon youGreeting
Wa Alaikum AssalamAnd upon you be peaceGreeting Response
Ma Sha AllahWhat God has willedUsed to express appreciation, joy, or praise for an event or person’s achievements without invoking envy
Tabarak AllahBlessed is Allahexpress admiration or praise for someone or something
Insha’AllahIf God willsmaybe/hopefully
SubhanAllahGlory be to GodExpress amazement or praise
JazakAllahu KhayranMay God reward you with goodnessA way to thank someone , expressing a prayer for their reward from God
AstagfirullahI seek forgiveness from godForgive me Lord for I have sinned.

Learning Religion

ShahadaDeclaration of Faith
SunnahWay of life prescribed by Muhammad (peace be upon him)
ImamReligious leader or leader of prayer in a Mosque
TawheedThe Oneness of God
ShirkThe sin of idolatry or polytheism
SheikAn islamic scholar or elder
Wudhuritual washing before prayer
Salaatthe strict islamic 5x/day structured prayer
HadithSayings or actions of the prophet
DuaInformal type of prayer, however you want, walking, whenever (wudhu not required)
FiqhIslamic jurisprudence (law)
Fatwalegal opinion/decree made by an islamic scholar on a particular issue (not binding)
SurahChapter in the Quran (out of 114)
AyahA verse in (a Surah in) the Quran

Religious Figures

RasulullahMessenger of God
SahabaCompanions of the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)
ImamLeader of prayer in a mosque; for a religious leader
SheikAn Islamic scholar or Elder
UmmahThe global community of Muslims
Subhanahu wa ta’alaGlory to Him, the ExaltedAfter mentioning God
AzawajalThe Mighty, the MajesticAnother phrase of glorification
Alayhi al-salaamPeace be upon himWhen mentioning a prophet other than Muhammad (such as Moses or Adam)
Salla Allahu AleyiWaSallamMay God’s peace and blessings be upon himWhen mentioning the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)